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DPT Approved Exercises for Athletes – Part 5 (Stability Progressions)

By Amy Goebbert, PT, DPT

Now we will progress our core stability workout for athletes up to the kneeling and standing positions.  Make sure your athletes have done the exercises in the supported and suspended positions (outlined in the core stability workouts part 3 and 4) before progressing to the stacked and upright exercises listed here.  These should be performed with an emphasis on quality, not quantity or speed!  The more stable and stronger the core muscles are, the better the arms and legs can move (think faster running, harder hitting, quicker defense).


Kneel up tall with core tight (lower abs pulled up and in, glutes squeezed).  Then “chop” a small weight or ball in a diagonal motion.  Make sure to do on both sides.

tall knee chop 1
tall knee chop 2


Put one foot in front, back knee down.  Keeping core tight, reach a small weight out in front of chest then overhead.  Do not let back arch. To increase difficulty put front foot and back knee directly in front of each other in a straight line.

Once weight is lifted, try lifting the back knee up to hover off floor.  Make sure to do on both sides.

half kneel 3
half kneel 1
half kneel 2


Standing on one leg, kick other leg straight back as you hinge forward.  Back foot should stay facing down to keep hips square to floor.  Try to touch the floor with your hand while keeping spine straight.  Try holding a weight to increase difficulty. Repeat on each side.

single hip hinge


Start by sitting at the edge of chair, try to stand up only using one leg.  Lower back down slowly on one leg without letting your knee turn inward. Repeat on each side.

single leg squat

It is always better to have movement analyzed by a professional.  We teach movement day in and day out and know the proper form and progression. If you have any concerns/questions, please reach out!