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Gymnasts – Let’s Get Ready for Handstands (Part 2)

By Jen Bazan, PT, DPT

In part 1, we began with starting to generate some tension through the biceps and triceps and progressed to producing this tension in a suspended position. Now let’s work on coordinating this tension build up with the incorporation of core control. The following three exercises focus on creating tension in the upper body and progressing to maintaining this tension while moving the legs. It’s important to be cognizant of your stomach and low back position. Are you remaining stable? Or are you giving into excessive motion? Prep your body to contract so it’s strong and stable. This will set up your upper body (shoulder blades, shoulders, elbows and wrists) in proper alignment for weight bearing skills!

Exercise #1:  Hooklying tricep/lat isometric

Exercise #2: Seated upper extremity external rotation isometric

Exericse #3: Hooklying tricep/lat isometric with low ab heel tap