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Gymnasts – Let’s Get Ready for Handstands (Part 3)

By Jen Bazan, PT, DPT

The last installment of Let’s Get Ready For Handstands!

Now let’s progress a little further!

Exercise #1 Qped ½ way push up: This exercise loads the wrist and elbow as well as challenges the shoulder to provide stability so you can perform a smooth, controlled motion. Feel your shoulder blades squeezing towards your spine. As always, make sure your low back is in a neutral position.

Exercise #2: In a sidelying position, bring your knees up toward your chest to help lock out the lumbar spine. Make sure to tighten your stomach. The goal is to push the weight up toward the ceiling the entire time activating your serratus anterior muscle. This is an important muscle for shoulder blade mechanics and overall shoulder stability. This exercise also addresses a dynamic load through the wrist and elbow.

My girls have been working on these consistently and feel the correct muscles more with each practice session. I know it’s nothing like being in the gymnastics gym, but I’m confident they will be ready to return safely when the time is right!

It is always better to have movement analyzed by a professional.  We teach movement day in and day out and know the proper form and progression. If you have any concerns/questions, please reach out!