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Gymnasts – Prepping for Landings (Part 2)

By Jen Bazan, PT, DPT

Now that you have mastered the first two exercises in my previous post, let’s progress to a more stacked position. This first exercise allows the athlete to focus on generating tension through the core, prior to initiating any movement. The plantar flexion in the front foot and the 30 second isometric hold helps to work on hip and ankle stability, all to promote being able to absorb force with landing.

The next exercise is a progression of the above. In a standing position, we are adding more load to the body. But the longer hold allows the body to isometrically generate tension. The ankle/foot position helps promote correct foot position with take offs and landings.

When my girls first saw these they thought they would be a piece of cake to perform. But when they were done, they were both surprised how “tired” their muscles felt without having to do a lot of explosive power or heavy weights. Mission accomplished!